In her sculptures, LA based artist, Ave Rose uses clockwork, antiques, insects, bones and taxidermy ephemera in congress with motion mechanics to produce reanimated, organic robots that tend more towards rococo than science fiction. Incorporating precious gems and metals, her creatures are whimsical amusements that practically breathe with artificial life.” – Matt Kennedy, curator of La Luz De Jesus Gallery.

Her works are characterized by compelling double-effects, blending beauty with the bizarre, technology with tradition, and youthful whimsy with the cold, mechanical realities of death. Behind all of the clockwork, darkness, and hints of satire, Ave’s creations celebrate life by fearlessly confronting themes of a macabre nature.” – Hayley Evans, Beautiful Decay Magazine.

Ave Rose is a TV personality, artist, and fashion/jewelry designer known for combining rare and exotic natural materials with man-made treasures. Often incorporating intricate movement into her designs, Ave Rose’s mechanical marvels have helped her attain international recognition. Her work has been featured in movies, TV shows, music videos, art galleries and museums around the globe. This includes the world famous and highly distinguished LACMA. Ave Rose was a featured maker in the award winning documentary, Steam Dream. She was a steampunk expert on the TV show Inside West Coast Customs, a featured artist on the TV show Mounted: Chuck Testa and Friends, and a featured maker in the TV show Steampunk’d,. In the grand finale, Ave’s original steampunk fashion pieces helped seal the win for her team and Dita Von Teese compared her designs to that of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Ave Rose’s designer fashion & jewelry collections are created using rare & exotic materials in the same esthetic style of her sculptures.  Her work has been featured in music videos, TV shows, store front installations, and art galleries around the world.

Ave Rose in her Museum Room

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